5-in-1 vaccinations
6-8 weeks of age
12 weeks of age plus Rabies
16 weeks of age plus Rabies
Annually thereafter

Adult Dogs are Vaccinated Annually With 5-in-1 and Rabies

Kennel Cough Vaccinations
6-8 weeks of age
Booster 4 weeks later
4-6 months thereafter / annually, depending on vaccine


3-in-1 vaccinations
6-8 weeks of age
12 weeks of age plus Rabies
16 weeks of age Rabies only
Annually thereafter

Adult Cats are Vaccinated Annually With 3-in-1 and Rabies


Puppies and Kittens

If the puppy or kitten is still in the litter with mom, they need to be dewormed at 4 weeks of age and then once a month, especially during the course of vaccinations, thereafter every 3-6 months.

Adult Dogs and Cats

After the initial course of vaccinations, dogs and cats still need regular deworming every 3-6 months (especially if you have small children).

Introductory Offers for Kittens and Puppies

Puppy / Kitten Packs

Free Bag of either puppy or kitten food (Hills Science Plan – depending on stock)

Free Deworming

Tick and Flea Control


20% discount if your puppy or kitten receives all 3 vaccinations with us.



Spaying and Neutering

For spaying of female dogs, we offer age/weight-based costing.
(Try and have your bitch spayed before her first season/6 months of age.) 

For neutering of male dogs we offer age/weight-based costing.
(Large Breed dogs are encouraged to be neutered later, unless there is an indication to get your dog neutered sooner. Small breed dogs can be done from 6 months onwards.)

For spaying or neutering of cats, we offer age-based costing. (Before 6-8 months, costs are lower)


Dental Scale and Polish

Watch this space, returning soon