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About Watercrest Vet

The Practise was established in 1998 in Waterfall and originally included large animal work, horses and wildlife. As time went on, the focus shifted towards companion animals and birds with the previous owner showing a keen interest in wildlife work and this work has now taken Dr Toft to Northern KZN where he pursues his passion for helping wildlife.

In 2017 Dr Nic Stirk took over the practise as the new owner and principal veterinary surgeon. Since graduating at the end of 2007 from Onderstepoort, Dr Nic has worked exclusively with small animals and exotic mammals like guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and other rodents. 

Nic looks forward to welcoming you at the new practise and to your becoming a part of the Watercrest vet family.

General Practitioner

Some of our on-site services:
Preventative Medicine (Deworming, Tick & Flea Treatment, Vaccinations, Sterilisation)100%
On-Site Puppy Training100%
Follow-up Care where necessary100%
Food, Nutrition, Accessories, available on-site100%

Based as a vet in Waterfall since ....


Fully equipped sterile surgical theatre

Puppy Classes

Digital X-Rays

One Dedicated Consulting Room

One Dedicated Ultrasound Room

Accessories and Pet Products

In-house Laboratory

Pet Food for any Life Stage

Personal, Friendly service. Call us anytime!

After Hours Support

For after-hours emergencies, call us for more details.